You are almost 16 months old and as confident and curious as ever! You are my little girl but someone forgot to let you know, because you think you're as BIG as can be! I love how sure of yourself you are :) You know some words now and you are so proud to use them. You love Winnie the Pooh and you say "Pooh" every time we go in Nanny's bedroom because that's where you watch Pooh Bear at night. You look at us and make sure we see how good you can say it. 
You also say plenty of words that grown up's don't understand yet. Even though you are speaking your own little language you speak with conviction and I just love that about you. You may be small, but you are taking this world by storm!
Some days are rough because you're at an age now where you want more independence and you're pushing boundaries to see how far you can go. When we go to the park or play groups, you run with the big kids, always curious to know what they know. But sometimes you just go off on your own exploring, content to be in your own thoughts and discovering all by yourself. I love when you look back to make sure I'm there, but then wave bye bye as you continue on in your adventures.
 You can be demanding and irrational and hilarious and oh so lovable all within a 2 minute span of time. My little whirlwind of activity, you always stay busy. You love to learn about the world and all the wonderful things in it. I am so proud of you and my heart is so full when I see you smile at your accomplishments. I can only image the impact my little girl will have on this world... not just in the future, but today, tomorrow, right now!

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One day, when you're older, maybe 15 or so, you'll think you know what love is. You'll meet someone, you'll have a crush. That crush might become something timeless and never-ending or (like many first loves) it might fizzle out and make way for something new. You'll think it was the greatest love in all the world until one day, when you're older, maybe 25, you'll think you know what love is.
You might meet in college or at work. Maybe you both love dogs and funny movies. You share dreams, goals, love and laughter. You decide to get married. You have a wedding more beautiful than you ever dreamed. Daddy will stifle tears as he walks you down the aisle. And you'll think you know, for sure this time, what love is.
But then one day, if you're as blessed as we have been, you'll welcome a baby into your life. A tiny perfect miracle, proof that God is real. And you'll love that baby so much from the very moment you learn of her existence. And you'll think you couldn't possibly love her anymore than the moment she is handed to you, swaddled and unimaginably small. And you'll realize that the love you thought couldn't possibly get bigger is growing all the time until your heart feels like it might burst. 
And then, you'll know what love is.


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Now that your first birthday has come and gone, you are slipping away from babyhood and becoming a toddler. A little girl. A child.
You have your own interests, your own sense of humor, the most delightful personality. I love that you dance to any beat, even the silly ones your daddy makes up. Even the ones only you can hear. I hope you'll never stop dancing to your own beat.
I love that you're never afraid to wave hello to another child. You see a new friend, a new adventure or maybe just something sparkly. You never worry that they're judging you, you just jump right in and give them a big smile. Sometimes you want to touch the beads in their hair or the princess on their shirt. Sometimes you want to show them your shoes, or point out something fun or just say hi.
I love that you are bold, yet cautious. Independent, yet still my baby in so many ways. You inspire me daily with your fearless approach to life, with your boundless energy, with your sweet innocence. I love that you give kisses but that you make us ask more than once. I love that you always kiss your own reflection with no prompting from me! :) 
You are such an amazing little soul. You make old men smile and old ladies cry. You just can't know how special you are. I love you so much little girl.

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